I’m Baaaack! Please Join Me on this Great Adventure!

About 5 years ago, I was writing devotional-type blogs everyday…for almost 2 years straight.

It was “therapy” for me and brought me closer to God… when I felt so far away. I had just gone through a divorce and I wasn’t myself. Through prayer and a radical way of almost self-recovery…OK, it was God!, I brought 2 things that I love together (God & Christian music) to make it easier for me to continue in what I was doing and writing.

Though my writing was in email version (blogging was foreign to me then)…God used my love for writing and life lessons along with Christian music and the Bible to deepen my faith.

I begin the journey again… so join with me and saddle up your horses!

Steven Curtis Chapman’s Classic music video: “The Great Adventure”


Giving all the glory to Him,

Mark Simonson

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One thought on “I’m Baaaack! Please Join Me on this Great Adventure!

  1. Great idea for a blog. I tweet some lyrics when I get time and would like to do more. My iPod helped me to survive my wife’s cancer and death. The artists validated my pain as I felt theirs. They expressed faith when I was unable to. They helped me to see a better picture of eternity, one that includes both worship and reunion.

    I’m looking forward to reading about the songs that speak to you.

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